About us

As automotive body makers who primarily work with historical vehicles,

we regularly face new challenges: We need to deal with unusual materials and technologies. Always learning, not for the sake of learning something new but to recreate knowledge that was simply forgotten. Before we began restoring historical sports cars, it was necessary to uncover the know-how of working with magnesium. Not an easy task. Ultimately, we combined what the engineers of back then knew about this light metal with the knowledge provided by modern materials research. The past and today in symbiosis. This allows problems to be solved. Not just in automobile reconstruction.
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Authenticity is the goal. Staying true to the materials is the path to it.

Because ultimately, the cars we restore are generally of museum value. They are first class products of culture. Our task is to stay true to these values or recreate them. And in such a way that they resist depreciation while enjoying the drive. For our customers, the authenticity also pays off financially. Because there is an enormous difference in value between a ruin and a faithfully restored automobile. We view ourselves as the guardian of this fortune.

Our history is closely connected to

the great automobiles of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche: for example the Mercedes W 196, 300 SLR “Silver Arrow”, or the Mercedes W194, 300 SL, and as a veteran of the line of ancestors, the 1922 Mercedes Benz Targa-Florio. We have even restored multiple copies of this legendary model on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. The Cisitalia Type 360, the Formula 1 Porsche 804 and the Porsche 550 Spyder are among the great automobiles from Porsche. In the future, we will not only continue to care for the Swabia-Baden region between Stuttgart and the Upper Black Forest, we also look forward to further unforgotten cars and their enthusiasts.
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Our most important tools hands and eyes

Machines help. For example, when the goal is a precise measurement like the body of a car or in a wind tunnel test. But they do not replace the ability to look and feel, accessing the material with hands and tools. The reconstruction of a historical body is accordingly time-intensive. Nevertheless: The result proves us and our customers right. A proof of craftsmanship, supported by respecting the material.